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Operation of color steel equipment and precautions

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Author : li ping
Update time : 2021-03-20 16:40:14
Operation of color steel equipment and precautions
Tile press

The equipment should not only be used but also maintained.

Proper maintenance methods,

It can greatly prolong the life of the tile press equipment.

In general, we are using it,

Pay attention to the operation process of the tile press,

See if it is the same as the previous operation

, is there any different place, if there is,

Be sure to check what causes it is,

Solve the problems in time.

We need to check regularly whether the parts are stable,

For each part, clean it frequently,

Especially the oil tank and oil filter equipment shall be cleaned,

Keep the tubing smooth. For hydraulic oil,

We need to replace it regularly.

When replacing, it is necessary to make sure to replace the oil tank

Check and replace oil pipelines and other oil pipelines completely.

If there is foreign material in the hydraulic oil,

This will cause the hydraulic system to be different,

Increase the operation time of oil pump, oil cylinder, reversing valve, etc,

So we need to pay attention to the use process of the tile press equipment at all times.

During the use of color steel equipment,

We must pay attention to the operation of the tile press,

If you find a problem, you need to solve it,

Don't think the problem is small, but not solved,

Sometimes small problems can cause big problems.

Plan shall be made for maintenance of the tile press,

Maintain regularly.

The maintenance of the tile press has been completed,

It plays a great role in prolonging the life of the press.

The tile press users must not look down

The importance of maintenance of the press.