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Operation of color steel equipment and precautions

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Author : li ping
Update time : 2021-03-06 15:17:38
Operation of color steel equipment and precautions
Tile press equipment should not only be able to use, but also be able to maintain. Proper maintenance method can greatly prolong the service life of tile press equipment. Usually, in the process of using, we should pay attention to the running process of tile press.
     See if its operation is the same as that in the past, and if there are any differences. If there are, we must check the reasons and solve the problems in time. We need to regularly check whether all parts are stable and clean all parts, especially the oil tank and oil filtering equipment, to keep the oil pipe smooth.For hydraulic oil, we need to change it regularly. When replacing, be sure to check and clean the oil tank, oil pipe, etc.
     If there are foreign matters in the hydraulic oil, it will lead to abnormal hydraulic system and increase the operation time of oil pump, oil cylinder, directional valve, etc., so we need to pay attention to the use process of tile press equipment at all times. In the process of using the color steel equipment, we must pay attention to the operation of the tile press. If we find a problem, we must solve it. Don't think that the problem is small and don't solve it. Sometimes small problems can lead to big failures.
      The maintenance of tile press should be planned and maintained regularly. The maintenance of the tile press plays an important role in prolonging the service life of the tile press. Tile press users must not underestimate the importance of tile press maintenance.